Mindmine Summit 2018 – India’s Millennials: Can they Reshape Markets, Society and Governments?

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Mindmine Summit is a yearly event organized by Hero Enterprise. On 19th- 20th April 2018 they organized there Twelfth Mindmine Summit.

It was an interesting discussion as we take upon how is the future of India will be shaped by Millennials. Considering the fact that online activities and involvement will be a deciding factor for any country in the world.

Topic: India’s Millennials: Can they Reshape Markets, Society and Governments?

Session outline:

As the inheritors of post-liberalisation India, millennials are largely free from baggage of the past. At times, they’ve been accused of being self-absorbed and sassy; but they’re also digital natives, which means they are ideally suited as consumers, knowledge workers and torch bearers of the technology age. They are also confident and more socially aware—which makes them potentially better leaders than those brought up in another India. This session will aim to decode emerging millennial behavior and gauge how it might influence India’s future.

The panel was composed of people from the diverse background:

  1. Ms. Shaili Chopra – She the People
  2. Mr. Arun Kapur  – VasantValley School
  3. Mr. Shiven Dewan – Doon School
  4. Rajiv Makhni – Moderator for this panel
  5. Harsh Agrawal – Yours Truly

Video of the panel discussion:

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Harsh Agrawal receiving award Harsh Agrawal Twelfth Mindmine Summit Harsh Agrawal with Panelist

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2 comments on “Mindmine Summit 2018 – India’s Millennials: Can they Reshape Markets, Society and Governments?

  1. Hi, Harsh

    You are an inspiration for us. These summits are very important for awareness point of view and the factors discussed in these summits are mind buster for all.

    Love to see you like….All the Best

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