Revisiting 2013 – A Year Of Re-discovering MySelf

Revisiting 2013 – A Year Of Re-discovering MySelf

by Harsh Agrawal on December 31, 2013

Today is the 31st of December, and the last day of 2013.  I believe this is the best time for me to re-look at 2013, and make a weblog of most memorable days of the year. Most of my life is documented online, and thanks to digital apps like Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram for capturing most of my memories.

When I started 2013, I decided to break down my Introvert personality, and do things which I’m usually not comfortable doing. That is; travelling and socializing. Solo-travelling was one on the top of my chart, but alas I couldn’t make sol-travelling happen this year. Apart from solo-travelling, I did almost everything as I planned, and now looking forward to make remaining stuff happen in 2014. Now, let’s quickly look at some of the important highlights of 2013.

January 2013:

January was a month of travelling for me, and apart from spending new year eve with family, I started this year with my trip to Goa. It was 4 days of compete break from work, and spent amazing time in Goa. And how could I forget that I lost my brand new iPhone 5 in Goa. :(

February 2013

February was a slow month for travelling, but I spent a lot at time at cafes @Hauz khas village, and blogged from there. It was not a very productive move, but I enjoyed the part of moving out of house for work. More over, change of work place helped me to re-discover my creativity.

March 2013:

Holi in India

March was suppose to be special, as I was about to travel to Thailand with my childhood buddies for Sky-diving, unfortunately my friend lost his passport this year and we couldn’t make it happen. Another eventful day was Holi, when I spent time with my family and friends. I badly wanted to spent Holi this year with my friends in Delhi, but realise festive time is for family, as by the end of the day you want the warmth of your family.

April 2013:

April was another good month for travelling, as I did a small trip to Hrishikesh and also did River-rafting. I along with 2 of my friends went to Hrishikesh by road (Self-drive), and spent 3 days at the peaceful valley of Himachal.  And yes, another failed attempt to keep myself fit by joining a Gym. Sigh!

May 2013:

Blogging seminar

May was a memorable month, as I went to Mohali for my first-ever blogging seminar. It was organised by Indiblogger team, and thanks to Shankar Bakshi for inviting me to be the Keynote-speaker at the event. On the very day, I also got to know about a small mention of me in National Magazine “The week”. From professional front, this was a good exposure to national press.  Along with above two main event, at the end of the month, I also travelled to Goa to attend the Ford Ecosport launch.

Ford Ecosport Goa

June-July 2013:

bDay celeb

June was a month of celebration for me, as I turned 27 this year on 22nd June 2013. For the first time I celebrated my birthday in grand style, and it was one memorable night for me. July was one of the slowest month of the year, where I was busy working and taking my career chart to next level. I also travelled to Bangalore to attend AMD event, and met couple of old friends (Sowmya, Vijit), and it was a nice -reunion.

At the end of July, My family came to visit me in Delhi, and I spent last days of the month with family and seeing amazing places in delhi like Kingdom of Dreams.

August 2013 – A month of unexpected pleasure

Top Indian Blog

August was the month of career uplift for me, as I received best blog award for ShoutMeLoud on 15th August. (What a great day to get national reward).

September 2013:

September was a hectic month for me, as I was busy hunting for my new house in Noida. That’s the time when I realized that Real-estate is the future of money, and also one of the tough market  to get into. I thought of creating a web-property on real-estate, and also put a big chunk of my investment in Noida real-estate market, but thanks to suggestion from my family, I didn’t rushed into the decision and saved myself from a disastrous investment. At the time of writing (Dec 31st 2013), NCR Real-estate market is at all time low.  Along with this, I did a small road-trip to my Home in Rajasthan with my Grandfather. Visiting Rajasthan is always a blessing, as I get to my all my old relatives, which I would have never met otherwise.

October 2013:

October was a month full of surprises, as I as busy deciding about my career prospect. Initially I was planning to join one of my friend start-up, and also worked with him in Noida for 15 days. That was my second experience of working with a start-up, and later on I realised that it will be hard to take care of blogging career and another start-up at the same time, and I dropped the plan of working with another start-up.

On 18th October 2013, I did a Workshop for Asia’s biggest hosting summit at Hyatt Gurgaon. It was an incredible experience, as I was un-prepared for such a huge crowd. Here is the video from the Workshop.

Later at the month, me and my friends (Aradhana) went for a video-shoot for Citibank, and it was first ever video-shoot I was doing. It came out really nice, and I’m embedding the video below for you reference.

Last but not the least, I also fulfilled my dream of Sky-diving. I was planning to go to Thailand for the jump, but unfortunately it got cancelled. I was  lucky enough to hear about, Skydiving camp at Karnal Haryana, and I decided to go there alone and make one of my dream happen. The experience of jumping from 10,000Ft is much better than what we usually see on Youtube videos and movies. If you ever get a chance to Skydive, Don’t ever think twice.

Sky diving

November 2013


November is a special month for Indians, as it’s marked by Diwali (Festival of colours). I started the month by going to my hometown (Deoghar), and spent the festive season with my family.  At the end of the month I travelled to Himachal again with my close friends, and that’s the time I discovered a lot about myself. I realised many of my strengths and weaknesses, and understood how important it is for us to start travelling, and see the unseen.

December 2013:

December is always an eventful month for me, because it marks with the beginning of my blogging career (1st December). I did a small write-up of 5 years of my blogging journey, and you can read all about it here.  After that, I spent rest of the month going to new places and mark the end of the year with a eventful note. And last but not the least, I travelled to Goa to enjoy the last days of the year.

Few words & some of  my Quotes from 2013

Along with a brief recap of my 2013 months, It was a great learning year for me. I spent a great time learning new things, and read as much as I could. Instead of sticking myself to books, TV or magazines, I spent most of the time reading from known authors and watched countless hours on Videos on Youtube to learn new things. Most of the videos which I watched on Youtube were mostly related to Motivation and Human psychology, and it’s always a treat watching such videos.

Along with all good things, I also made some really bad-decisions, and learned a lot from my mistakes and bad-judgement. Though, I never let those mistakes become a hurdle, and always tried to improve myself and become a better version of my with every day. Special thanks to friends in my life, who always made me feel like home in this un-known city.

Last but not the least, here are some of the quotes/words written by me this year:

  • Being remarkable is equivalent of being the best….
  • The First-world problem is not because there are silly people making stupid mistakes…Problem is from people who laugh on them instead of helping them correct it….
  • I believe, perfection is over-rated.. We all are perfect and imperfect in a way or other… Though we try to be perfect in all 360 spectrum, but it’s better to be perfect in some, good in many ..and sometime bad in certain cases…!!
  • Thrive for perfection but don’t make it a bad addiction!
  • You may not become another Steve jobs or Bill gates…But you can certainly become a better version of you with every day…Be good and become better!!
  • Read, write and share : If you can’t do all 3 of these, start with first n you will see a difference in you with every passing day….
  • I give love not just to get love… I give love coz I know how is it like to be loved….
  • “Not being Nice” & “Being Bad” are two completely different things…
  • There is a solution to almost every problem…All you need to do is; acknowledge the problem!!
  • If you know the secret… It’s not a secret anymore ….
  • Your parents have done their deed by giving u birth…. Now it’s your choice to make your life anyways you like…choose wisely…
  • Yes you are not a perfection at this point… But if you would not take the first step towards that point… You would never reach there….This is the time, believe yourself and take the first step with all the confidence….
  • It’s always better to be no one .. Instead of being just some one…
  • Take a deep moment n think about how you want your life to be…..make sure nothing should ever stop u from achieving your dreams… Coz your dreams r all yours…
  • Don’t let anyone ever hurt your self respect… It’s good to be nice but it’s better to be right…..
  • After a point, we usually shut down ourselves fr a great time… Coz we fear uncertainty … D moment we prepare n walk into the way of those uncertainties …we will be conquering our own fear…
  • Biggest crime a man could do to himself is “False Sense of achievement” ……
  • Degrees are just validation of our talent n skills…
  • I don’t live by rules…and neither I will…..
    I make my own path and follow it….
    I live to live and to see what is unseen….
    I may not be the perfect and I can’t be..
    Coz perfection have different meaning in everybody mind…
    I will not please anyone until I want to…
    I will not wait for anyone until I want to…..
    If I cross your path ….make it memorable..coz I will never stay… I will give you a reason to smile and walk away…coz there are many Faces which needs a reason to smile..
    I learned to move on…I learned to forgive and forget…
    It was not easy and it will not be easy for anyone..
    coz you have never walked in my shoes…Life is too small to complaint…So live or leave it…!!
  • Intentions doesn’t matter…
    It’s always the action that shouts louder…
  • Only Mantra to success: When you see something new…don’t expect it to be a copy of something that we already know… Expect it to be something new…something fresh…and something we have never seen before…. !!
  • If you want to create unique identity for yourself…You have to think unique..You have to be something that everyone else is not… Is it hard?? I don’t think so!!
  • I will prefer to be no one…than being someone that I’m not..!!
  • Pretending is like living in two parallel words.. Your heart says “no” and your mind says “yes”.. Stop pretending and start living….
  • Blogging in a way is documenting your thoughts.
  • If your heart is too weak to accept “NO”.. you should never ask a question…..
  • You can earn the credibility by not losing it.
  • The role of a warrior is not to kill people..His role is to bring peace for the country..
  • It doesn’t matter what you look like…It’s how you act matters…

And Happy New Year to You

Tomorrow is the beginning of new-year, and I already have my personal wish-list and new-year resolutions ready. I deeply believe that if we dream enough, all our dreams will come true. I wish you all the love, luck and happiness for 2014. Do remember, what ever actions you will take from now on, it will not only define your 2014, but all the years in near future.

Happy New Year :)

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