How Roadies Defamed Itself With Fake Auditions

How Roadies Defamed Itself With Fake Auditions

by Harsh Agrawal on February 28, 2011

MTV roadies is one of the India’s most popular youth reality shows. In this show 12 youth are selected to perform various tasks and by the end one winner is selected who will take away big amount of cash. Though a fact is most of the reality shows are not even close to reality and same goes with MTV roadies and Emotional atyaachar.

Recently in MTV roadies 8 audition, one of the guy who pretended himself to be really poor and bought his mobile for the event grabbed lots of attention and affection from the public. Though the reality is Suraj a.k.a Nagesh was a complete scripted character and he is a student of Indian student of bartending.

suraj nagesh roadies 600x138 How Roadies Defamed Itself With Fake Auditions

Chetan Gole has covered complete coverage of this fake audition and how MTV roadies is playing with the sentiments of Indian youth with scripted story. You can read the complete story here.

Here is a video which shows more about this guy who used the wrong means to win the sentiments of Indian crowd.

Do you still wish to become a Roadies? If  yes, you should be good at acting. icon wink How Roadies Defamed Itself With Fake Auditions

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Hasnain Khan February 1, 2012 at 9:00 pm

My passion of life is Roadies ,because it is not just a game man.
How I Define Dude—
for me , i define roadie that , It helps every person that how to understand or judge ourself like——— attitute,strength,sharpness,behaviour,energyand many more—

“It is a game of Brain,which is played with Heart”.


Bikrom January 14, 2013 at 2:03 pm

Nicely put dude. It is fake. And it’s not a BAD thing. But the reason why it shall be proven that it is fake is completely justified by comment above mine. It’s not just entertainment. But some morons like the person above me have made it their lifestyle. That’s why there is a need to debunk their claims of it being a “passionate” game show.


Pallab Das March 30, 2014 at 1:36 am

It’s a entertainment show , a show u cant watch with ur family because of the abusive content. the only show for the morons in india is roadies. they even don’t have the budget to give hero zmr bike. watching AFV is really timepass with family. a good show.


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