How Being Honest For 7 Days Changed My Life

How Being Honest For 7 Days Changed My Life

by Harsh Agrawal on December 19, 2013

Be honestLies are one of those thing we were taught to never use in our life, and probably we got into a situation where lying is the best excuse out of it. Be it making excuse from teacher for not doing your home-work, or making excuse from your mom for playing cricket with your friends. When we start growing up, we realise that world is so harsh that it’s hard to survive without giving excuses. Infect once I read this quote

“Being nice to someone you don’t like is not being two-faced, it’s a sign that you have become mature”

And I was totally sold on that. I thought yes that’s the reason why people have better connection, as they are being nice to others. And with time I could say that’s the worse quote I have ever believed in. The excuses we make in our life is not an excuse but it’s a lie. We don’t realise how life little lies turned into habits and we call it an excuse.

Worse of it is, we start lying to ourself. We started putting us into confusion for every little things. We know that we have to get up @8 in the morning, but we keep telling excuses to ourself for taking 15 minute extra nap. Those 15 minute extra nap is not a problem till the time you not lying yourself, and consoling yourself by giving an excuse. And from 15 minute excuses, we start making excuses to ourself for bigger stuff. We started turning 15 minutes to tomorrow or later, and this is one of the reason that we are not at the place where we want to be.

One week of life without lying and for future

TruthI usually don’t lie, but I make lots of excuses for everything and to everyone. I never realised how small excuses turned into a habit, and I started turning into a lier.

Last week I decided to take a stand, and decided to never lie to myself or to anyone. I knew this would hurt few people, but a bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie. In last one week, all I did was being honest to everything I do. I’m not sure what happened with this one week experiment, but I realised I don’t doubt myself anymore. I don’t question my thoughts or decisions because they are not filtered by any thoughts like “But” “or” and so on, and I feel more confident of myself.

Instead of making excuses for small small things, I started being honest with everyone around me. The change and transition was not so great, and we know every change in our life is painful. But, after 24*7 hours, I could tell you that this experiment totally works.

I also suggest you to try this experiment in your life, and try to be honest for atleast one week, and see if that helps or not. I will be sharing more about the same in coming days, and will let you know how’s this small life change is working out for me.

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