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Less Is The New More – One Secret No One Will Tell You

One of my favorite all time quote is “Less is the new more” and it’s favorite not because it sounds cool but I find this quote to be the key to happiness, The key to stay content is to learn the power of letting go. I have always been a person who just wants to keep everything I have and this is a tendency I have seen since my childhood. In my hometown, my mom have a store-room where she has a huge collection of stuff […]

Disconnect To Connect : How I’m Fixing My Addiction To Internet

“This is a story of my last 2 weeks when I’m mostly away or not using Internet, and I realised things I was missing and I was doing wrong.” When I was a child, my mother used to tell me ” Don’t over do it” ” Don’t over eat sweets” or in short; don’t over do anything. I was an infant then and never understood the meaning of it, and now at the age of 27, I’m understanding every single meaning behind it. In my […]

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